Foundation Projects


The Debra Reiss Foundation supports numerous charitable causes and is actively involved in social issues to support the education and general welfare of underprivileged children, and providing essentials for those in need. We believe every single child, irrespective of socioeconomic background, should have the same right to new essential clothing as everyone else.


Most recently, the foundation has donated brand new warm fleece jackets, trainers, underwear and toys to charities and schools.


The Debra Reiss Foundation team (along with the hard task of packing all the donations) have also volunteered with some incredible charities & networks such as Sebby’s Corner, The Persian Advice Bureau and Nisa-Nashim.




Keep Warm Kits Campaign


The Debra Reiss Foundation along with Haringey council came up with the idea of a Keep Warm Kits Campaign. We rolled the campaign out in October 2022 and have delivered thousands of kits to schools in Haringey & Barnet which include: Socks, gloves, snood, hat & thermal vest in a re-usable bag. We hope to expand this campaign and will deliver thousands more throughout the years in the winter months. The foundation feels strongly that children need to be protected as much as possible from the winter snap given the energy crisis that is having such a significant impact on so many households in the UK.